Tables Across Page Breaks


Large tables are tables that flow from one page to another due to the fact that they are larger than a single page or due to their placement in the document. You can scroll across pages for large tables and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move through your table from one page to another. Column headers and table titles that carry over from one page to another are especially appropriate for large tables.

Titles for Large Tables

To add a title to your tables, click on the Table Options icon and select the Insert Table Title option. Select Insert Title Here and replace with your desired title. By default, all table titles are bold and centered. Create a table title style to apply or use the formatting icons in the toolbar to change the look of your title as needed. See the Using Styles Guides article for more information.

Table titles will display at the top of each portion of the table when a table extends over multiple pages. If you want to edit the table title on subsequent pages, simply double-click in the table title and update as desired. To delete the title, right-click on the table title, and select Remove Table Title.

Column Headers in Large Tables

Tables can have one or more rows set as headers to repeat across page breaks on subsequent pages. Select the row number, right-click, and choose Row Properties. In the Row Properties dialog box, select Row is a header row. All rows above a chosen header row will also automatically become header rows.

NOTE: Table titles and headers will not display when you are in Table Focus Mode.

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