Copying Existing Tables

You can copy the data from one table to another or create a new table from existing table data.

Copying a Table with Contents

Select the data and then choose Copy from the right-click menu. You can paste the data into a second table or simply paste into your document, and the table will be created automatically.

To copy links and formatting as well as data, click and drag from outside the table to select the entire table. From the right-click menu, select Copy.

Paste the table into the desired location in your document. The table will retain all of the formatting and linked information from the original table.

Copying Row Height or Column Width

You can also copy row height or column width from an existing table and apply it to another table. Select the row or column you'd like to copy, then choose Copy All Row Heights or Copy All Column Widths from the right-click menu.

image alt text

Finally, select the destination you'd like to apply the height or width to and choose the appropriate Apply option from the right-click menu.