Viewing Documents

Within Wdesk, there are different format options to view the document. One of these options is the viewer. The viewer displays the entire document with both hard (manually inserted to start a new page) and soft (automatically inserted to allow text to flow between pages) page breaks. Changes cannot be made to the document, but you can make comments when in the viewer. The viewer is used often for blacklines and review.

NOTE: Opening a document for review will display any pending track changes as accepted in the preview. The pending changes will remain unaccepted in your document in Wdesk.

Using the Viewer

When a document is viewed in the viewer, the sections are all merged together, enabling you to see where the soft page breaks fall. To enable this function, click on the File tab, click the Preview button, and select Document. This will launch another window which generates a view of the full document.

image alt text

When revisions or blacklines are sent out for review, this is the format in which they will be displayed. Presentations are also viewed in the viewer with the Present feature. See Presenting for more information.

There are a few key tools available in this mode that are particularly useful to any reviewer. Above the Document Outline on the left is a toolbar that has several icons, used to save the document as a PDF and navigate comments and tracked changes. Simply hover the mouse over the icon for a tooltip description.

image alt text

Along the bottom right of the window there are another set of icons that enable you to zoom in or out, or to the document height or width. To search in the viewer, select the Find icon in the upper right of the page.

Comments Panel

In the upper left-hand toolbar of the viewer is a bubble-shaped button with a plus sign. This is the Add Comment button, used to create comments in your review. Select your desired text or cell in the document and click Add Comment.

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The two arrows next to this button can be used to click to the Previous or Next comment displayed in the comments panel below the menu.

Creating and Using Comments

You can create a comment two different ways:

  1. Select text in the viewer and right-click. Select Add Comment.

  2. Select text and click the Add Comment button in the comment panel menu. A new comment appears in the right-hand panel of the document.

image alt text

If you need to move a comment in a document, click on the options menu in the upper right-hand corner of the comment and select Move.

image alt text

A dialog box appears, instructing you to click and drag the handles to move the comment selection. After moving your comment, click Finish.

Selecting Resolve Comment from the comment options menu will collapse the comment and mark it with a green checkmark.

image alt text

You can click the options menu on a resolved comment and re-open it at any time.

Editing and Deleting Comments

After creating comments, you will want to add your own text to them. Simply click in the blank comment area and input your text. When your comment is complete, click the Post button.

image alt text

If you need to change something, you can click the Pencil icon and edit the text, then click the Post button once more when you're finished.

image alt text

To get rid of a comment entirely, click the options menu and select Delete Comment. You will be asked to confirm. Click Delete and the comment will be discarded.