Sending for Review

Sending documents or blacklines for review enables others in your organization to look through and comment on a particular snapshot of all of the information at a particular time, whether it be a first take or a final review before filing. You can also review a document or blackline sent to you.

Viewing Revisions and Milestones

Every time you share your changes, a document revision is created, saving that state of the document in the document history. You also have the choice to save a particular revision as a milestone. For more information about milestones, see Document History and Revisions.

To view these revisions and milestones for a document, open the project and then the document you want to view. In the right-hand panel, click the History tab.

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Use the Filter drop-down to narrow the scope of the revisions listed. For example, you can view only Milestones, revisions shared by a particular user, revisions to specific document sections, and so on. When you're done selecting filters, click Apply.

TIP: If the filters do not return the results you want, you can select different filters or click Clear Filter to display all revisions.

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After creating blacklines, you can click the Blacklines tab, and display or filter them much as you would revisions and milestones.

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Sending Revisions and Blacklines for Review

To send a document for review, first open the appropriate project and document. You can also send reviews of blacklines that you have already generated. For sending a document revision, display the History tab in the right-hand panel. For sending a blackline, display the Blacklines tab in the right-hand panel.

For the revision or blackline you want to send for review, click the Actions drop-down arrow, and then click Create Review or Send for Review.

In Step 1 of the Create Review wizard, type a title for the review, designate your recipients, enter a descriptive message, and specify whether to include document comments.

To select recipients, start typing the person’s name, and then click the user name from the list. The user’s name appears in the Reviewers list when it is selected.

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If you choose to include comments, the system will default to including only open comments, however you will have the option to Include closed comments (comments closed by a user).

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Click Next, and in Step 2, click the check boxes for the document sections you want to send to your reviewers, or use the buttons to select, clear, expand, or collapse all sections.

NOTE: In the outline hierarchy, selecting a parent-level section automatically selects all of its child sections (sub-sections). Depending on how many child sections you want to include, you can either select the parent and individually clear the child sections you don’t want to send, or clear the parent level check box and individually select the child sections.

Click Next, and in Step 3, click to preview the review in the viewer. This opens a new browser tab or window.

Click Send Review in the upper-right of the page, or, if you decide you do not want to send the review, close the browser tab or window that displays your review.

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Even if you click Send Review, you’ll get another chance to confirm or cancel.

Opening Reviews Sent to You

Wdesk Notifications sends you an email message when a document revision or blackline has been sent to you for review. In the email message, click the Open button to open the viewer or click the link that appears at the bottom.

You can also see and open your reviews any time from Wdesk. On the Review toolbar, click the Review button, then View Existing. In the Document Reviews dialog box, click the Actions drop-down arrow, and then click Open to open the review in the viewer.

From here, you can view and comment on the review. All comments are saved automatically, and the sender can view them at any time. Learn more in the Comments article.

If you would like to notify the sender that you have completed your review, you can do this within Wdesk by creating a directed comment. Learn more in Directed Comments.

NOTE: If you want to see information about this review, click Details. You can open the review from the details page or go back to the list of reviews.

Reader Reviews

If you have read-only permissions in Wdesk, when you click the Open button or review link that appears in your email notification, you will see a dialog box in which you can select the review you want to open in the viewer.