Document History and Revisions

History Panel and Milestones

You can view all document revisions, which are created each time a document is shared, under the History panel. Note that creating a document will automatically create a first document revision. This allows you to create a blackline from your original document. After this, revisions are created with each share.

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In the History panel you'll be able to see any remarks entered and the places where document Milestones have been marked. Milestones are revisions you can designate as significant using this feature, and are indicated by a yellow star.

If you have extensive revisions, the Load More History button will appear at the bottom of this panel.

You can use the Filter drop-down menu to filter by User, location of changes in the document, milestones, or time period.

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If you filter for changes since the end of the last month, as an example,the list of revisions adjusts and the Filter icon turns blue. To remove the filter, click on the red circle with the dash next to the Filter menu.

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When you hover over a listing for a particular revision, the entry is highlighted and you can click on the Actions drop-down menu. This gives you a number of choices:

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Open will open the revision directly in Wdesk.

Preview Revision and Show Changes will launch the Viewer and you will be able to scroll through the entire document.

Mark Milestone and Unmark Milestone will appear depending on whether you currently have the revision marked as a milestone or not and will add or remove the yellow star.

Add Remark opens a dialog box where you can make notes about a revision.

Create Blackline will allow you to compare any two revisions of the document.

Create Review will launch the Create Review wizard.

Show Changes from Previous Revision

Show Changes displays the difference between a current document revision and the previous revision. In the History tab, choose a revision and then Show Changes under the Actions drop-down menu.

The Show Changes option creates a difference between the selected revision and the prior revision. The Viewer opens in another browser tab or window.

When the Viewer has opened, you'll see the sections listed to the left where differences between the two revisions are present. Click on the titles for these sections to see the changes in each section or scroll through the document as a whole.

A blue line to the left of the document section title will indicate where changes appear. Deleted text will appear in red font with a strikethrough.

Added text will be in a blue font with an underline. A deleted row or column will be noted in the document.

Deleted tables will be in red font with strikeouts and a blue line to the left. These indicators are the same for blacklines and track changes.

Show Draft Changes for a Section

The Show Draft Changes feature displays the difference between your current draft of a section and the section as it was at the last share. In other words, you will be able to see the changes you have made in your current editing session.

When you have a section in draft mode as indicated by the Pencil icon next to the section title in the document outline panel to the left, the option to view draft changes is available in the right-click menu.

When Show Draft Changes is chosen, the Full Document Viewer will open to display the changes that have occurred in the current editing session. Text and table additions will be shown in blue, underlined font. Text and table deletions will be shown in red strikethrough fonts.