Comments are used for collaboration and note-taking in Wdesk. The comments you create are visible only to other users who have appropriate document permissions, and will not appear in an actual filing.

NOTE: For information about commenting in Spreadsheets, see Collaboration in Spreadsheets.

Viewing Comments

You can view all comments in a document by clicking the Comments button on the Review tab. Placing your cursor above a comment box displays a blue line connecting the comment with the portion of the document to which the comment is directed.

Click the Previous comment and Next comment icons located in the toolbar to quickly navigate from comment to comment. On the toolbar, click Hide to conceal comments from view.

TIP: To share comments outside of Wdesk, you can export a PDF of your document, or a section of it, and include comments in the export. To learn more, read the Save As PDF article.

Adding Comments

To add a new comment to a document, select the portion of text, table, or object that your new comment refers to. On the Review tab, click Add. Upon hover, your comment will be connected to the text or object by a blue line.

Enter your comment in the text box, then click the Post button. You cannot post empty comments. Adding a comment does not lock the document section.

You can also add a comment to individual or groups of cells in a workbook. Select the cell(s) that your comment refers to. Click the Add button or right-click the cell and select Add Comment. Enter your comment in the text box in the panel to the right, then click Post.

Cells with comments have a hollow blue triangle indicator in the upper-right corner.

Editing Comments

If you need to change your comment, hover over the appropriate comment box and click the gray Pencil icon. Edit the comment and click the Post button again.

Comment Actions

To post a reply to a comment, hover over it with your mouse until the blue Reply arrow is visible. Enter your reply, then click Post. You can reply to others' comments, or to your own.

image alt text

A string of comments can become very lengthy. To minimize a comment thread, double-click the gray box at the top of a thread. Double-click the box again to maximize the thread.

To permanently remove a comment, click Actions and select Delete Comment. Document permissions apply to who can delete comments.

You can select Resolve Comment from the Actions menu so other users can see that you resolved the issue. The comment thread, however, will remain in the document history. A resolved comment minimizes and has a green checkmark with grayed out text, showing it is resolved.

You can re-open a resolved comment by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Re-open Comment Thread.

Moving a Comment

To move a comment in a document, select Move from the Actions menu. The Move Comments dialog box opens and blue handles appear around the existing text selection.

Click and drag the handles to change which text you select, then click Finish.

NOTE: Workbook comments cannot be moved.

Disconnected Comments

Comments become disconnected when you delete the document text the comment was attached to. When this happens, the comment dialog box shows Comment Disconnected and the balloon icon appears broken.

To see the deleted document text, click Show Original Text in the comment box. You can hide the text again by clicking Hide Original Text.

image alt text

To reconnect the comment, click the menu icon in the comment dialog box and select Connect. This opens the Move Comment dialog box that allows you to move the comment to another portion of text.

Click and drag the blue handles to select another portion of text, then click Finish.

Filtering Comments

Use comment filters to review comments in a document that meet particular criteria, such as all comments that mention you.

To filter comments, go to the Review tab and use the Filter Comments menu. From the Filter drop-down menu, you can select one or more of the following filtering criteria:

  • Author: My Comments, My Mentions, or comments submitted by a particular user or user group

  • Status: Open, Resolved, or All

  • Updated: Comments last updated on a specific date or within a specific time period

Select the filter criteria and click Apply to see only those comments that match the filter. To view all comments again, click Clear Filter.

image alt text

Copying Comment Text

To save time, you can copy text from one comment to another, or into the document text itself. This is useful since reviewers cannot change the document itself, but you are able to insert their comments into the documents as an editor.

To copy comment text, select the text in the comment, right-click and select Copy. Paste the text where you want to add it.