Global Precision-Based Overrides

This article provides a summary of the number rounding and scaling feature in Wdesk, also referred to as a global precision-based override.

Modifying a Linked Number

You can modify a linked number (and a formula cell) in a document at a certain precision. This is useful if you need to adjust how a number in a table is rounded in order to have the table foot correctly.

Overrides can be added or adjusted by selecting the source link of the value needing adjustment, selecting the File tab, the Properties button, choosing Link Properties, and manipulating the precision and adjusted value fields. Selecting the Add button from the Global Precision-Based Overrides section of the Link Properties panel will allow you to add new overrides for the selected number.

NOTE: Source links must be in a Workbook when working with global-based precision overrides.

Creating a New Override

  1. To create a new override, go to the workbook and select the source link of the value you want to adjust.

  2. Go to File > Properties and select Link Properties.

    image alt text

  3. In the Link Properties panel, select the Overrides tab and click the green plus button.

    image alt text

  4. In the Overrides table, select the precision you want for the value.

    The precision you want is always equal to Decimal Digits minus Shown In for the location at which you want to adjust. For example, if the source link you want to adjust has a Shown In of thousands and a Decimal Digits of 1, you would select -2 from the drop-down (1 - 3).

  5. Use the arrows in the Adjusted Value column to set the value you want. This number is displayed in ones, but will be used in the Entered In and Shown In that are on the cell.

    image alt text

  6. Click the green checkmark to set the value. All overrides you set for this value appear in the Overrides table. A source cell can have multiple adjustments for the different precisions linked throughout your document(s).

    image alt text

  7. To change an override, click the pencil icon.

  8. To delete a value, click the orange X delete button.

    NOTE: If the value of the source cell changes, the override is no longer applied and the blue link icon appears with a yellow indicator. Overrides that aren't being applied are identified in validation.

    image alt text