Source Links in Text

Creating Source Links in Text

Like other types of links, you can create source links in text. You can do this by selecting text, then right-clicking and choosing Create Source Link.

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To connect to a source link, you'll need to create a destination link. More information about destination links can be found in the article Linking Overview.

Link Type Indicators

If the link is in the automatic or text categories, the source link will have an outline and a blue triangle.

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The destination link will have an outline with a green triangle.

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If you have not shared your document, source and destination links will also appear with an additional orange indicator until you click Share.

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If the links are in any other categories (accounting, currency, date, number, percent or period), they will be indicated with a blue underline for a source link and a green underline for a destination link.

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Editing Source Links in Text

Any changes to links must be made at the source. To edit a source link in text in the automatic or text categories, select the source link and make changes directly in the dotted gray text box. Destination links will automatically update.

Track changes can also be utilized for source links in text as needed. Destination links will reflect the source’s final value as if the track changes had been accepted.

Removing Source Links in Text

To remove a source link in text, select the link and use delete or backspace on your keyboard. You will receive a warning that you are about to delete one or more links.