Moving Source Links

After you have established linked relationships among values, you may need to move a source link in Workbooks.

NOTE: For information about moving source links in Spreadsheets, see Linking and Publishing Your Spreadsheets.

Moving Source Links

You can move source links from one location to another by cutting the link from its current location, pasting it into the desired location, and selecting Make Source Link from the clipboard options.

image alt text

You can copy and paste source links from text to table or workbook cells and vice versa.

You’ll receive a warning that the Make Source Link action cannot be undone. In addition, a range of cells cannot include spacer cells when using copy/paste in tables or workbooks. Using the right-click Make Source Link option in tables or workbooks rather than cut and paste lets you move source links even if spacer cells exist.

Changing the Source for Locked Text Links

You can move the source of a locked destination link in text using the procedure outlined above. Even though you can’t directly change the value of a locked link, you can move the source and update the value by changing the source.

Restrictions on Moving Source Links

Some common causes for not being able to move a source link include:

  • The document or section containing that source link is not open in Wdesk.

  • Someone else is editing the document or section containing the source link.

  • You have changed the source of the same link group already without sharing.

  • Source links can not be moved from text to text.