Link Properties

Link Properties give an at-a-glance view of all the uses of a linked value in both text and tables. To display the Link Properties panel, select a link and choose Link Properties/History from the right-click menu. This opens a new panel on the right side. You may collapse the Link Properties panel by selecting the double arrows in the upper-right corner.

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Link Information

The Link Properties panel provides the link type, as well as the location of the link by document and section.

Source links will be listed under the Source at the top, with Destination links below. You can see the name of the document, an icon for the type of document, the source of the link, and all usages of that link.

Navigating to Links

You may navigate to any of the listed links by hovering over the link information and clicking the Go to link icon.

If the linked value resides in a document that is not currently open, it will open the document and take you directly to the section and value selected.

If you do not have permissions where the linked value resides, you will be presented with a security notice when the View Link option attempts to open the document.

Link and Revision History

On the Link Properties panel you will see a link History tab. The history of a link will show how the value of a link has changed over time. The Date and the User who made changes to the link are displayed for the ten most recent values for the link.

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TIP: Link history will be reset if the document is rolled forward.

Global Precision-Based Overrides

Below the link information, you can see Global Precision-Based Overrides, also known as number rounding and scaling. This gives you information about the precision settings for the value and any adjusted values that may exist in your document. You can read more about this feature in Global Precision-Based Overrides.