Hyperlinks in Documents

Hyperlinks are used to quickly navigate to another section within your Wdesk document. You may create a hyperlink to use in your section header or footer, table of contents or any area of your document, presentation or workbook at any time during editing.

NOTE: The SEC restricts the use of external website hyperlinks in your SEC filing document.

Creating Hyperlinks Within Documents

  1. Highlight the text you want to make a hyperlink. To select text in a table cell, double-click the cell to make the cell active and then select the text.

  2. On the Edit tab, click Insert, then select Hyperlink. The text you selected appears in the Insert Hyperlink box.

    image alt text

  3. Select a section of the current document, and click Apply Hyperlink.

TIP: The most common hyperlink seen throughout Wdesk documents is to link to the Table of Contents, usually in the header.

Hyperlinking to Documents and Exhibits

You may link to another document within the application by entering in the HTML name in the URL field. To find the HTML name of a document, open the project containing the file and select the Filing tab. The HTML filename will display in the Document Generation Status window at the bottom of the dialog.

image alt text

If the document list is empty, you must Generate EDGAR Documents to create the HTML file. You cannot copy and paste from the Project Panel, so please manually record the HTML file name.

Alternately, you can generate a URL from a Wdesk document to use in the URL field by clicking the Generate Document URL button.

If you want to hyperlink to an exhibit, there is a drop-down box in the Insert Hyperlinks dialog box that will link directly to existing exhibits in a project.

Highlight the text in a document you wish to link an exhibit to. On the Edit tab, click Insert, then select Hyperlink.

Click the Exhibit drop-down box and select the exhibit you want to link to.

image alt text

NOTE: If file names of exhibits are changed, the hyperlinks will need to be updated as well.

You can also hyperlink to exhibits from previous filings. To view more discussion on this topic, see the following Wdesk Community topic: Hyperlinking to previously filed exhibits that are incorporated by reference.

Editing Hyperlinks

  1. To verify or change a hyperlink destination location, highlight the hyperlink and right-click.

  2. Select Edit Section Hyperlink. This will pop up the Display window. From here, you can choose from all the outline sections. When a hyperlink already exists, the window will have that destination highlighted upon opening the window, which is useful for verifying the destination. The destination can also be changed in the Display window simply by selecting a different outline section and Apply Hyperlink to update.

    image alt text

  3. To edit the visual text associated with the hyperlink, you will need to completely remove the existing hyperlink and re-key in the new text and follow the steps of adding a new hyperlink.

Exporting Documents with Hyperlinks

When you export a document, the external hyperlinks will also be exported and functional. External hyperlinks refer to websites outside of the document. Links that refer to Wdesk documents won't function, however.

To learn more about exporting, read the article Exporting a Project or Document.

To learn more about linking within Wdesk, read the article Linking Overview.