Generate Document URL

The Doc URL feature allows you to generate a URL that can be sent as a link to another Wdesk user, or used to link from section to section in a document.

Sending a Link to Another User

To use this feature, navigate to a section in your document that you want the user or reviewer to be able to directly access. On the File tab, click the Doc URL button.

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When you click on the button, the URL will be generated and copied to your clipboard.

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You can then paste the URL into a communication to send to a colleague. When your colleague views your message, they can use the link to navigate to the section in the document referenced by this link. If not logged in, they will need to copy the sent link and paste it into the address bar of their Wdesk browser page to avoid being logged in twice.

Linking from Section to Section

Embedding live links from section to section in a document can also be useful for referencing internal revisions and reports. Live links created in a document will be included in Word, PDF and EDGAR outputs.

To create a hyperlink from one section to another section, go to the destination section and on the File tab click the Doc URL button. Go to the section where you'd like to place the link. Enter the URL directly by pasting, or type in the text that you'd like to hyperlink.

Then select the URL or text and go to the Edit tab, click the Insert button, and choose Hyperlink.

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Choose the radio button for URL and paste the generated URL. Then choose Apply Hyperlink.

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You'll get a warning that the use of external URLs is not allowed in EDGAR filing documents. If this is a filing document, the URL should only be used during internal review and must be removed before the document is filed.

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You can generate an EDGAR version of this section to check the link. Make sure you've shared your changes, then right-click on the section title in the document outline panel and choose Preview EDGAR.

When the EDGAR version opens in a new browser tab or window, you'll see the live link. Clicking on the live link will open Wdesk and the document to the linked section.

To read more about previewing filing documents in EDGAR format, read the article Preview EDGAR.

For non-filing documents, you can use the Document Viewer to preview them.