Creating a Table of Contents and Hyperlinks

Creating a Table of Contents

This article assumes that you have created a document with multiple sections for a table of contents to link to. See Document Creation for more information.

NOTE: In most cases you will copy and paste the table of contents from another document, or import the document entirely into Wdesk. Alternately, you can enter text directly into a new section by inserting a table.

To create a new section titled Table of Contents:

  1. On the Outline Panel, select the title of a section below where the new section will be inserted.

  2. Click the Add Section Before icon.

  3. Enter "Table of Contents" in the text for the new section.

Leader Dots in Tables

This video demonstrates how to add leader dots to table cells to help readers track across columns. Leader dots are most commonly used in the first column in a Table of Contents.

Click on the table to access the row and column indicators. Select column A by clicking on the letter at the top and then right click to go to the Format Cells dialog box.

The Leader Dots Style options are in the lower right hand corner in the Borders & Fills tab. You can choose from tightly placed dots or more widely spaced dots. Choose OK to apply the changes.

Linking a Table of Contents

To link the sections in the Table of Contents with sections in the outline:

  1. Click in the cell to activate it.

  2. Select the text in the cell, then right-click and select Insert Hyperlink.

    image alt text

  3. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, select the appropriate section from the list.

  4. Click Apply Hyperlink.

    image alt text

To link page numbers to the Table of Contents:

  1. On the Edit tab, click Insert.

  2. Select Auto Text, then Page (Section).

  3. In the dialog box, choose the appropriate section.

  4. Click Apply Hyperlink.

    image alt text

The page number will appear in Wdesk as a coded placeholder (#SectionPage#) in the cell until your cursor is moved elsewhere in the document, resulting in the actual page number appearing in the document.

image alt text

When you've finished linking sections and page numbers, the linked Table of Contents will resemble something like this example:

image alt text

For information on editing your hyperlinks, see Hyperlinks in Documents.