Export to InDesign

Documents created in Wdesk can be exported to Adobe InDesign for greater customization and layout for printing. Wdesk facilitates designed reporting in InDesign through the use of an In Copy Markup Language (ICML) exporter and customized style guides.

Wdesk is best utilized for document editing and collaboration, while InDesign is best utilized for handling complex document design.

Creating Your Document and Styles

First, develop a formatting style document in InDesign in collaboration with your designer. Next, create custom styles in Wdesk using this formatting style document as a guide. Learn more about using style guides here. Your custom styles will be created based on the InDesign styles upon initial import, and should be applied to all text within the Wdesk document. For best results we recommend not using the Normal style in Wdesk.

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Exporting as ICML

When your document is ready for export, open the document in Wdesk and go to File > Save As > Adobe InDesign ICML.

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The ICML Options dialog box will come up and you can choose whether or not to Combine Sub-Sections into each Parent Section. This is checked by default. You can include the entire document or selected sections. Then choose OK.

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Sending Files to Your Designer

All design elements will be bundled during the export. When your designer opens the folder there will be a complete folder structure with a manifest, all of the section information, all of the assets, and a stories directory. This will be everything your designer needs to use in order to complete the design layout process.

The .icml file will include all of the Wdesk styles as both character styles and paragraph styles within InDesign. All Wdesk styles will include "Workiva/" and the style name from Wdesk to identify them as styles imported from Wdesk. These styles can be edited within InDesign. Font colors, highlights, and indentations currently do not translate from Wdesk into InDesign. Once these are set in InDesign as a part of that style, subsequent imports will not override these settings.

It is important not to change the name of these styles within InDesign as that will alter the mapping between Wdesk and InDesign. Although existing styles can be edited within InDesign, new styles should not be created. Text and value edits should be made within Wdesk to ensure data integrity.

Note that images are included as part of the .icml file but will need to be placed separately from text in InDesig.

Exporting Subsequent Versions

Any subsequent content changes made in Wdesk can be imported into InDesign and will replace the .icml file without overriding the established design. Mark each iteration as a Milestone in Wdesk to keep track of revisions sent for design. Select the Update icon in InDesign once the file has been imported.