Using Tab Stops

Tab stops will help you to quickly line up indented text with specific pre-set markers and are useful when creating outlines and tables of content.

Using the Document Ruler

To set a tab stop, use the document ruler at the top of the of the Wdesk window. To create the tab, click on a line or paragraph in your text to place your cursor and then on the desired location in the document ruler.

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The tab stop is indicated by a small black triangle. This allows you to align the text (A) with the tab stop (B) by pressing the tab key on your keyboard.

image alt text

If you want to reposition your tab stops you can click and drag them along the ruler. As you move the triangle to the left or to the right, you can see the vertical dotted line indicating where the text will begin in the document.

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A specific tab stop only works within the paragraph where you set it. In this case, each line has a hard return, in effect creating a new paragraph. If you go down to the next line, notice that the black triangle in the document ruler disappears.

TIP: You can change the document ruler from inches to centimeters if you have Localization settings enabled for you Wdesk account. Please contact your CSM to talk about account settings. To change to centimeters, on the File tab, click the Properties button and select Document Properties. Go to the Preferences tab, click Localization, and select Centimeters in the Units of Measurement drop-down.

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Formatting Tab Stops

The Format Tab Stop dialog box will allow you to set the tab stop to very specific positions. Open the dialog box by double-clicking on the black tab stop triangle.

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Once you set your tab stop position, you can select the alignment for left, right and center.

When you change the alignment of the tab stop, you will notice that the shape of the tab stop triangle changes. Aligning the tab stop left means that the text will be on the right-hand side of the tab stop. Aligning to the right means that the text will be on the right-hand side or preceding the tab stop. Centering will simply center the text on the tab stop.

Removing Tab Stops

If you want to remove the tab stops, just click and drag the triangle down until it disappears. If you'd like to clear all of your tab stops, you can right-click any tab and choose Reset Ruler Indents.

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