Side by Side Viewing

Viewing documents side by side can be useful for comparing your workbook and primary document or for viewing a primary and a supplemental document.

Collapsing Side Panels

Open both the primary document and the workbook by double-clicking them in the Project Panel. If you need more space to work in the main editor, you can collapse the panels on either side of the editor.

Collapsed panels will appear as a vertical list of icons. Clicking on any of these icons or the double arrows will reopen the panels and tabs that were in use. Leave these collapsed for now so you'll have more room to view split screen or side by side documents.

Creating A Split Screen View

To view two documents in split screen mode, click and drag the tab for the second document or workbook from the top of the main editing area to the right side of the editor workspace. When the small red circle with the X turns into a small green circle with a plus sign, you can release the mouse.

image alt text

Now the documents will be placed side by side. You can switch between these two documents just by placing your cursor and clicking to activate the document.

You can tell which is the active document by the color of the tabs at the top of the editing area. The green tab is the active document and the gray tab is the non-active document. The Document Outline panel to the left will also reflect the active document.

NOTE: The Zoom feature works separately for each of the documents.

Returning to Single Document View

To return to viewing one document at a time, click and drag a tab back to one side until the green plus sign reappears and release.