Setting Multiple Columns

Multiple columns can be set for either new or existing documents and for sections or for the document as a whole.

NOTE: This feature needs to be enabled in your account to use it. Please contact your CSM for more information.

Multiple Columns for an Entire Document

You must have Owner permissions to create multiple columns. Go to the File tab, click the Properties button, and select Document Properties.

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Then choose the Page Layout tab. If you select the radio button for two columns, you'll be able to set the distance between the columns with the Column Gap option. Then choose Apply Changes.

image alt text

Multiple Columns in a Single Section

Click on a section in the document outline panel, right-click and choose Section Properties. Now go to the Page Layout tab and check the Override Document Page Columns box.

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Multiple Columns for Selected Paragraphs

You may want to have both multiple columns and single columns in a section. This is most commonly done for sections that include tables alternating with text.

Set the paragraphs for two columns in the Section Properties dialogue box. Then select the table, right-click, and choose Paragraph Properties. Set the table for one column.

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