Paragraph Formatting

This article discusses how to format paragraphs in Wdesk and briefly discusses available formatting options.

Keep in mind that Styles are used for formatting text as a best practice. Changes made directly to text by utilizing the Paragraph Properties dialog box will override applied Styles.

Paragraph Formatting

You can access paragraph settings either by right-clicking in your document and choosing Paragraph Properties or on the File tab, click the Properties button, and choose Paragraph Properties.

Both of these options will bring up the Paragraph Properties window. From here, you can modify alignment, indentation, spacing, and pagination:

image alt text

If you choose Percent in Line Spacing, you will get a menu specific to this function, where you can either type in a value or move the arrows up and down to change the value of line spacing (the percent value changes the percentage of the font size height).

Reset Formatting

If you want to reset these settings, go back into the Paragraph Properties box and click on the Reset button in the lower left-hand corner. This restores the paragraph's default settings.

Keep Content Together

You can also ensure that content is not separated by a page break using the Pagination settings

image alt text

  • Keep with Next - This option ensures that a page break is not inserted between the selected paragraph and the next. This can also be used to group paragraphs with tables, such as a table and its introductory paragraph.

  • Keep lines together - This option ensures that the selected paragraph will not be split by a soft or system-inserted page break. This does not prevent you from inserting a page break manually, also called hard page break.

  • Widow Orphan Control - With this option, you can prevent a single line at the beginning (a widow) or the end (an orphan) of your paragraph from being placed on a separate page. New documents will have this feature enabled by default.

  • Keep Paragraphs Together - This option is only available after selecting multiple paragraphs and tables and opening the right-click menu. When turned on, this prevents soft page breaks from occurring in the selection.

image alt text

If non-printing characters are enabled on your document, these functions will indicate grouped text with a bracket at the beginning and end of the selection.