Formatting Unique Document Sections

You can format individual sections of your document using the Section Properties dialog box. On the File tab, click the Properties button and select Section Properties, or right-click a section title in the Document Outline panel and choose Section Properties from the available options.

Page Format

The Page Format sub-tab allows you to set options for page breaks and page number formatting for a particular section.

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Under Page Breaks, you can decide to include a page break at the end of the section for a clear separation between sections. Check the second box if you'd like to ignore page breaks before the end of a section in EDGAR. This is commonly done to keep a cover page together that extends onto two pages.

With Page Number Format settings, you can choose to continue numbering from the previous section, or restart numbering with the new section. If you decide to start page numbering over, you can set the format here as well.

Page Layout

Page layout options allow you to set different page features for a particular section of your document.

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  • Override Document Page Size allows you to change the page format for the section. You can switch between different page sizes as well as change the page orientation.

  • Override Document Page Columns will let you customize the number of columns a page is divided into as well as the space between them.

  • Override Document Page Margins allows you to set custom page margins for the section, independent of the rest of your document.

  • Override Document Page Borders will let you place a border around your page. When selected, options for the appearance of your border will appear.


Header/footer options allow you to control headers and footers throughout the section, including using specific headers and footers for each section as opposed to using a single header and footer throughout your document.

Advanced Options

Under the Advanced Options sub-tab, you can set a section to be non-printing, which means it will not appear in any PDF, Viewer, DOCX, or EDGAR version of the parent document.