Format Painter

The Format Painter allows you to copy and paste the format of text and table cells for single and multiple selections. The Format Painter also works for text links.

Format Painter for a Single Section

Selecting the Format Painter button once will copy the format of any selected text or table cells and will apply this format to the next selected text or table cell. If there is no selection, the format at the cursor position will be copied. This is appropriate when you only need to apply the formatting to one additional selection.

image alt text

Format Painter for Multiple Selections

You can also use the Format Painter for multiple selections. Place your cursor in a selection from which you'd like to copy the formatting. Double-click the Format Painter button to capture the format of selected text or table cells and apply this format to each subsequent selection of text or cells. You can turn off the Format Painter feature by clicking on Esc or on any other formatting icon.

You can also use Format Painter with multiple table cells. When multiple formats exist in different table cells, Format Painter will utilize all of the formats so that you can paint an entire table column in a single operation.

If you click once, you'll be able to format one column, but to do them all, double-click to activate the Format Painter to use it multiple times. Now you can click the letter at the top of each subsequent column and the formatting is applied.