Document Pagination

Paginating a document lets you determine where the page breaks occur within it. This article describes how pagination works for sections and documents in Wdesk.

Pagination Indicators

At the top of every page are two status indicators. The indicator on the left indicates whether the entire document needs pagination and the indicator on the right indicates if only the section needs pagination. These will either be green or yellow.

The indicators are green if the pagination of the document is accurate and up-to-date. If the indicators are yellow, a change has been made to the document by yourself or any other user and the document needs to be re-paginated. The reason for this is that when a change is made in the document, the previous and next section indicators may not automatically update without applying the pagination manually, so what viewers are seeing is not accurate.

image alt text

Paginating a Document

To paginate a document when the indicators are yellow, go to the File tab and click the Paginate button.

image alt text

A dialog box will display, explaining that during pagination all documents will close and you can resume work once pagination is complete. If you wish to proceed, click Yes. During the process, a status box will display progress. When the pagination process is complete, the indicators will should both be green.

image alt text

NOTE: Pagination will put your document into draft and you will need to share for others to see the changes.