Creating Bulleted and Ordered Lists

Options for Bulleted Lists

To create a new list, place the cursor at the location where you'd like to begin the list and choose a bullet type from the menu. You can also make an existing section of text into a list by selecting the text then choosing the appropriate style of bullet from the drop-down menu. This will automatically indent the text and insert the selected bullet.

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Before/After Functionality for Ordered Lists

When creating a bulleted or numbered list, you can change the character before and after the bullet or number. A common use for this functionality is to insert parentheses around a number.

Create a new numbered list. Right-click the "1." and choose Format List. This will open the List Properties dialog box.

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In the List Style drop-down box you can change to any of the available list selections. In the List Text boxes you can change what the space before or after the number will look like. Subsequent items in this list will use this format.

Options for Creating an Outline

The section below the divider line in the drop-down menu includes letters and numbers often used for outlines. To get started creating an outline, choose a list style. If you want to continue with this outline, go to the end of the outline and hit Enter.

The outline will automatically be continued with the next letter. To create sub-items in the list, use the Tab button on your keyboard. If you keep tabbing, you will get the appropriate letters or symbols for items that will be deeper in the outline.

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Adjusting the Level of a List Item

You can determine the level of a list item using the increase and decrease indent icons. You can use these icons for a single paragraph or select multiple paragraphs to indent and outdent. image alt text

If you are at the beginning of a new paragraph in the list and use the backspace key, the letter or symbol is removed, but your cursor stays in the indented position. If you hit backspace again, your cursor will move to the beginning of the line.

Automatic List Creation

If you enter a number or letter, then a period and add a space, you will automatically be placed into list mode. This starts a list without using the list button.

You can also format a number, letter or symbol at the beginning of the list by selecting the item, right-clicking, and choosing Format List at the top of the pop-up menu.

Restarting a List

If at any time your list gets off track, or loses it's formatting, you can right-click a number in a list and select Restart Numbering to reset the list.

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