Using the Document Outline

The left-hand panel of Wdesk, the Document Outline, allows for easy collaboration and provides an overview of how sections are organized. It contains tools that allow you to quickly reorder the hierarchy of document sections, rename them, and create or delete them. The Document Outline also shows which sections others are currently working on.

Collaboration in the Document Outline

Because each section becomes locked when it is being edited, organizing a document into multiple sections makes collaboration easier. Icons appear in the Document Outline to indicate which sections of the document are currently being edited.

A Lock icon next to a section title indicates that another user is currently working in it.

To learn how to ask another user for access to a locked section, see Request Control of a Document Section.

A Pencil icon indicates the sections you are currently working on.

Where you see a Pencil in your Document Outline, other users will see a Lock. When you Share your edits, these icons no longer appear and the sections you were working in become available for other users on your team to edit.

image alt text

The Comment icon indicates that there is at least one comment in that section.

A blue vertical line indicates that there are Track Changes in the indicated section.

image alt text

A - Comment icon

B - Track changes icon

C - Pencil icon

D - Lock icon

Resizing the Document Outline Panel

To resize the Document Outline panel, click and drag the Resize icon located in the upper right corner (B in the image below). You can collapse the entire outline by clicking the Collapse/Expand Outline icon (double arrows, A in the image below) located in the upper left. Click Collapse/Expand Outline again to expand the Document Outline.

image alt text

Adding and Deleting Document Sections

To add a new section to the document outline, select the title of a section above or below where you want to insert the new section. To add a new section before the selected section, click the Add Section Before icon. To add a new section after the selected section, click the Add Section After icon.

Enter a name for the new section in the text box. You can rename a section by double-clicking the section name in the outline, or by right-clicking the section and choosing Rename.

image alt text

To delete a section, right-click the section title and click Remove. Then click Yes to confirm you want to delete it.

Organizing the Document Outline

To expand or collapse any section of the outline hierarchy, click the arrow next to that section.

image alt text

You can move sections up and down in the hierarchy using the Move Up and Move Down icons on the Document Outline toolbar.

image alt text

To move a section one level lower in the outline hierarchy, select the section and click the Demote icon.

To promote a section to a higher level, select the section and click the Promote icon.

image alt text

NOTE: Non-printing sections will appear in the Document Outline panel in italics and gray font. See Non-Printing Documents Sections for more information.