Importing Documents from the SEC

You can import an existing document into Wdesk to save time with formatting or to utilize information from a previous year's filing. You can also download a document directly from the SEC website into Wdesk.

NOTE: If you have a filing document in Wdesk already, you can simply roll it forward.

Using the Import Wizard

On the File tab, click the Import button, and select From SEC (Beta).

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The Import Document From SEC wizard appears.

If you have a document on your hard drive already, leave the radio button on the default option, Browse for local filing document, and click Next.

To get a document from the SEC website, choose Download filed document from SEC website. Click Next.

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Using EDGAR Search

The wizard advances to EDGAR Search, where you can search for documents on the SEC website.

In the search criteria, the CIK Number box should already be populated. There is a drop-down box containing a list of document types to choose from, and Start and End dates to help narrow your search criteria.

After filling in your search criteria, click the Search button.

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A message will appear while the search proceeds, reminding you that a narrower date range will help increase the speed of the search. The search may take several minutes.

When the search completes, a list of documents fitting your criteria appears. Select the document you wish to import and click Next.

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Setting Document Defaults

In the final step of the wizard, Document Defaults, you can set the properties of the document for your own use. If you leave the Auto-detect imported precision box checked, the wizard will import the document with default settings. If you want to set the way that numbers and decimals are displayed manually, choose the appropriate settings from the drop-down boxes. Click the Import Document from SEC button.

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When the import is complete, the document will be displayed in Wdesk. You may notice some blue lines in the document. These indicate tracked changes made within the original document. You can remove these one at a time, or get rid of them all at once.

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To get rid of all the changes at once, go to the Review tab, click the Approval button, and select Document Accept All. All of the marks will be accepted and then removed.

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NOTE: Sometimes minor formatting issues can occur when importing a document, so it is a good practice to review an imported document for formatting differences.

You can now update the SEC document to your current filing information.