Importing Documents

Previously filed documents will often be imported for roll-forward purposes or as a second copy of a working document.

Importing from Home

To import a document or project from Home, click the Create button, choose Import, then select the type of file you'd like to import. The Wdesk editor will open. Choose the button for Select File.

Select the document from your computer hard drive or company network and click Open. Also note that if there are links from or to the document you are importing to any other documents, those will be imported as well.

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Reviewing Your Files

The Import File Options dialog box will come up and you can then review the list of individual files that will be included in this import package. For a filing document, you'll choose the Period End Date and Target Filing Date and then review the summary. Then click Import File.

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Naming a Filing Document

If you are working with a filing document or project and any of the file names do not meet the SEC naming convention rules, Wdesk will suggest a new name.

Once the document opens in Wdesk, you can begin to edit as needed.