Document Properties

After creating or importing a document, you may want to change the document properties.

Accessing Document Properties

You can access the Document Properties window from the File tab (the Properties button, then Document Properties) or through the keyboard shortcut.

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Changing Document Settings

Possible document settings include:

  • General Settings: Includes a variety of information including document creation date, revisions, and your account number.
  • Permissions: Add or modify user settings.
  • Page Layout: Settings for page size, columns, margins, borders and line numbers.
  • Preferences: Set document defaults, helpful for standardizing formatting throughout your document.
  • Table Defaults: Manage whether data is entered in ones, tens, hundreds, etc., and decimal places used. Also control table breaking behavior and whether negative numbers should appear in red.
  • Localization: Contains settings for displaying numbers, including currency symbol and location as well as decimal and thousands separators.
  • XLSX Export: Print settings including scale and margins.
  • Advanced: SEC revision settings and live spell-check settings.

These settings can be changed at any time simply by selecting the changes and clicking Apply Changes. Some document preferences may also be applied retroactively to your entire document.