Document Creation

The Create New Document wizard guides you through the steps needed to select the document type, reporting date, and project to which the new document belongs.

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Opening the Create New Document Wizard

To launch the Create New Document wizard from Home, click the Create button at the top left of the Home screen. Choose the type of document that you want to create. This will open Wdesk and the Create New Document wizard.

To start the Create New Document wizard from Wdesk, from the File tab, click Create and select Document. When a new document is created, it is automatically shared, but any changes you make will not be shared until you click the Share button in Wdesk.

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Using the Create New Document Wizard

The Create New Document wizard guides you through five steps listed on the left side of the box. When you start the wizard, each step is bulleted with a red dot, indicating the step is not complete. As you proceed through the Create Document Wizard and successfully complete each step, the bullet turns green.

To navigate through the steps in the Create New Document Wizard:

  1. Click Next after you have entered or selected the information where prompted.
  2. Click Back to return to the previous step.
  3. Click a step from the bulleted list to jump directly to that step.

In some cases, the Create New Document wizard allows you to proceed to the next step before the previous step is complete. However, the wizard will not be totally complete until all required steps are finished. If a step shows a red dot, whatever specific issues remain must be resolved before the new document is created.

In the Text Defaults step, you can choose the font family, size, color, alignment, indentation and spacing. These settings will be saved as your Normal style.

The final step in the Create New Document wizard is the Summary. Carefully review the details of the document to ensure all the information you entered is correct.

NOTE: If you have chosen Other as your document type, keep in mind that this type of document can not be filed, and you can not change document types later.

Navigate back to the appropriate step in the wizard should you need to make any changes. When you are satisfied with the summary and all the information is correct, click Create Document. The new document will open in Wdesk.

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For information on adding a document to a project, read the article Working with the Projects Panel.