Creating Sections

Sections are a useful way to organize a documents and workbooks of any size. Sections also allow you to have detailed permissions and layout for different parts of your document

Creating a Section

To create a new section in your document, click the Add Before or Add After button in the Document Outline to add a section before or after the selected section.

image alt text

You can also Insert a page break at the end of a section to start the next section on a new page.

At the end of any section or the beginning of any section except the first, you can add a section break to ensure your new section starts on a new page.

Organizing a Section

After your sections have been created, you can reorder and group your sections using the buttons above the outline.

image alt text

Section Properties

You can also set properties for each section from the right-click menu, in the Section Properties. Section properties include permissions, page layout, headers and footers, and more. Section properties apply to only the given section, and do not impact other sections. You can switch the active section in the Properties window by using the arrows in the upper right corner.

If you need to remove a section for any reason, you can right-click the section in the document outline and choose Remove.