Collaboration Overview

Wdesk is built for easy collaboration among multiple document editors. Wdesk documents are often very large reports created by a team of individuals. There are several features and tools to facilitate effective and orderly collaboration.

Saving and Sharing Documents

While you’re working in a document, Wdesk saves your changes automatically every 60 seconds. In addition, you can manually save your changes at any time.

Saving preserves a private, personal draft. Colleagues will not see your changes until you share the changed section or document.

Permissions and Document Sections

Document Permissions allows a document owner to grant access to specific sections to individuals or groups of users. Users can work simultaneously on personal drafts in different sections until they are ready to share their changes with their team.

As you work on a section, it is locked for your colleagues until you have shared that section. See Sharing Document Changes.

A new revision is created each time you share your changes. Access to document history provides an audit trail when needed. See Document History and Revisions.

Collaborative Review

Sending documents or blacklines for review enables others in your organization to look through and comment on a particular snapshot of your document. Multiple individuals can give feedback simultaneously. This feedback is aggregated automatically in Wdesk, reducing back-and-forth iteration and duplicated effort. More information can be found in Sending for Review.

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Using Tasks

While collaborating, it may be useful to have certain tasks assigned to team members, along with due dates and other details, to manage deadlines and information gathering. Creating and managing tasks is integrated into Wdesk. To learn more, read the article Creating and Assigning Tasks.