Working with Tables

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Once you’ve created and formatted your table, you can use advanced options to work with the table. This article shows you how to get the most out of your tables.

Merging and Splitting Table Cells

To merge cells in a Wdesk table, select the cells you wish to merge. You can then merge all cells by clicking the Merge button, or choose a more specific merge from the menu.

To split a cell or range of cells in a table into multiple cells, select the cell(s) you wish to split. Click the Merge icon and choose Unmerge Selection from the drop-down menu.

Locking Cells

Locking selected cells prevents changes to data, including changes to the formatting. Only a Document Owner can lock or unlock cells. Locking only a destination cell will still allow for the value of that cell to be changed at the source.

Table and workbook cells can be locked or unlocked by selecting the cell(s) and then choosing Lock or Unlock from the Edit tab. Rows, columns, or tables containing locked cells cannot be deleted.

NOTE: You can still tag XBRL on locked cells.