Using Track Changes

Enabling Track Changes

Track Changes allows you to follow changes to a document by demonstrating how the document has changed. If you or another document owner would like to view changes made to your document, you can enable Track Changes.

To enable Track Changes:

Navigate to the Review toolbar.
Toggle Track Changes on.

Track Changes in the Review toolbar

Viewing Tracked Changes

After you enable Track Changes, you’ll see changes marked accordingly.

Additions are in blue with an underline and a blue teardrop indicator.
Removals are marked with a red indicator.
Changes (locations where text has been both added and removed) are noted with a purple indicator.

Track changes indicators

You can jump between changes by clicking the Previous or Next buttons in the Review toolbar, or by opening the Track Changes panel from the right sidebar.

In the Track Changes panel, you can see a list of all tracked changes in your current section and preview those changes in the document. Clicking a change in the panel highlights the change in the document.

Track changes panel

If you’d like to see your document with changes accepted, you can hide the change markers using the Hide Changes option in the Review toolbar. You can view the changes again by clicking Show Changes .

A blue vertical line to the left of a section in the Document Outline indicates that section contains tracked changes.

Track changes in outline

Accepting or Rejecting Individual Changes

Document owners can accept or reject individual tracked changes.

To accept or reject an individual change:

Open the Track Changes panel.
Select a change.
Click the Accept or Reject buttons.

You can also accept or reject changes by right-clicking the change in the document and choosing Approve or Reject from the drop-down menu. Once accepted or rejected, the change indicators disappear.

Accepting or Rejecting All Changes

You can accept or reject changes at the section or document level via the Approval icon in the toolbar. Once you accept or reject tracked changes en mass, you can’t undo this action.

Approval menu

Exporting documents with track changes to PDF or EDGAR display as if all track changes are accepted. This does not accept all changes in your document.