Paragraph Properties

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This article discusses how to format paragraphs in Wdesk and briefly discusses available formatting options.

Paragraph Formatting

You can access paragraph settings by clicking on the Format button in the Edit toolbar, and choosing Paragraph. This opens the Paragraph Properties panel on the right-hand side of your screen. From here, you can modify indentation, spacing, and pagination.

The paragraph properties panel

Paragraphs and Page Breaks

You can also ensure that content is not separated by a page break using the Keep with next, Keep lines together, and Widow orphan control options.

Keep with next will ensure that a paragraph will not be separated by a page break from the paragraph that follows immediately after.

Keep lines together ensures that the selected paragraph will only be split by a hard page break.

Widow orphan control prevents a single line at the beginning (a widow) or the end (an orphan) of your paragraph from being placed on a separate page.