Page Breaks

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Page breaks can be either soft or hard. Soft page breaks occur naturally when a page is full. Hard page breaks are created manually. You can use hard page breaks within sections to move content to a new page or set them at the section level so that each section begins on a new page.

Inserting a Page Break

To create a hard page break, you can open the Insert menu and select Page Break.

The insert menu

A dashed line will appear between the pages. If you hover over the dashed line, the Remove Page Break link will appear and you can use the X if you want to remove the page break.

The insert menu

Page Breaks at the Start of Sections

Hard page breaks can also be entered at the beginning of a section in a document by right-clicking on a section in the Document Outline panel and choosing Properties.

The insert menu

A section break is the same as a hard page break except that it is located at the start of a section. For more info on Section Properties, see Document and Section Properties.

In Section Properties panel, select Insert page break before section. This will ensure that the section starts on a new page.

The insert menu

Again, if you hover over the dotted line, you’ll have the option to remove the page break.