Page Breaks

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Page breaks can be either soft or hard. Soft page breaks occur naturally when a page is full, while hard page breaks are created manually. You can use hard page breaks within sections to move content to a new page or at the beginning of sections to start each section on a new page.

Inserting a Page Break

To create a hard page break:

From the Edit tab, open the Insert menu.
Select Page Break from the dropdown menu. A page break appears below the selected text.

The insert menu

To remove a hard page break, hover over the gray Page Break text in the document and click the .

Adding Page Breaks in Sections

To offset a section to a new page, you can insert a page break at the beginning of a section. A section break is created like a hard page break, except it appears at the start of a section. For more info on Section Properties, see Document and Section Properties.

To create a section break:

From the document outline, right-click a section name.
Select Properties to open the Section Properties panel.

The properties menu

In Section Properties, check the Insert page break before section box.

The page break options

If you hover over the dotted Page Break line within the document, you have the option to remove the section break.