Document History

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Viewing Document History

You can view all document revisions under the History panel. To access the panel, select the History icon from the sidebar.

The document history panel

Creating and Viewing Milestones

You can designate significant revisions in your document by creating Milestones. In the History panel, you’ll see document Milestones denoted with a star.

To create a Milestone:

Select a revision in the History panel.
From the drop-down menu, select Mark as Milestone. The document history panel
Name your Milestone and click Create. The new Milestone is marked with a star.

You can also choose to view only Milestones. In the History panel, select the star to filter out all unmarked revisions or select the Show Only Milestones in the Filters section.

The document history panel

You can remove the filter by clicking the star button again or unchecking the option under Filters.