Using the Document Outline

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The left panel of Wdesk, the Document Outline, provides an overview of how sections are organized. It contains tools that allow you to reorder the hierarchy of document sections, rename them, and create or delete them.

The document outline panel

Resizing the Document Outline Panel

To resize the Document Outline panel, click and drag the Resize icon located in the upper right corner of the panel. You can collapse the entire outline by clicking the Collapse/Expand Outline icon (double arrows) located in the upper left. Click Collapse/Expand Outline again to expand the Document Outline.

The document outline panel

Adding and Deleting Document Sections

To add a new section, select a section and click the Add Before or Add After button at the top of the outline panel. You can then rename the new section. To delete a section, right-click the section title and click Delete, then confirm your choice.

The document outline panel

Organizing the Document Outline

To expand or collapse any section of the outline hierarchy, click the arrow next to that section. You can reorder sections and move them up or down in level by dragging the section to the desired position.

You can also move sections up and down in the hierarchy or move them to higher or lower levels using the Move Up and Move Down buttons at the top of the Document Outline panel.

The document outline panel