Introduction to Documents

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Use Wdesk to work with multiple types of documents in a collaborative team environment. Get started by importing documents, or by creating them with familiar editing features. You can collaborate with multiple people simultaneously, editing the same page at the same time.

For secure collaboration and controlled workflow, you can user the permissions editor to give colleagues access to a whole document, or to specific document sections. To format sections in a document, open the Properties panel on the right side.

You can also view the document’s history in the History panel. Comments can be added by right clicking any part of the document. This will open the Comments panel where you can add, view and edit any of the comments that are listed.

Once a document is completed, you can Export to PDF and EDGAR for final review, filing, or archiving. All document updates can be seen by all collaborators immediately. There is no need to save or share.

Get started creating your documents in Wdesk today!