Format Painter

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With Format Painter, you can copy and paste the format of text and table cells. Format Painter also works for text links.

Single Selection

Single-clicking the Format Painter icon copies the format of selected text or table cells. You can then copy this format to the next selected text or table cell.

If there is no selection, the format at the cursor position is copied.

The document outline panel

Multiple Selections

You can also use Format Painter for multiple selections. Select text with the formatting that you’d like to copy. Then, double-click the Format Painter icon to capture the format of selected text or table cells. Apply this format to each subsequent selection of text or cells.

The document outline panel

Turn off Format Painter by clicking on Esc or by clicking on any other formatting icon.

Table Cells

You can also use Format Painter for table cells. When multiple formats exist across table cells, Format Painter copies all of the formatting options so that you can paint multiple cells at once.

The document outline panel

If you single-click, you’ll format one block of cells. To format multiple blocks of cells, double-click the Format Painter icon. Next, select the subsequent blocks of cells where you’d like to apply the formatting.

To format a column, click the column indicator to select the entire column, then click the Format Painter icon once to format a single column or double-click to format multiple subsequent columns. Then click the column indicator(s) for the columns where you would like to paste the format.