Creating and Importing Documents

next generation

You can create a new document at any point in your workflow from Home or within the Wdesk editor.

Creating a New Document

To create a new document:

From Wdesk home, click Create.
Select the type of document you want to create. The new document will open automatically. Selecting a document type
Double-click the name of the document in the Document Outline panel to rename it.
Selecting a document type

You can create additional documents by hovering over the plus icon in the left navigation bar. From here, select Create to make a new document. The new document will open in an additional tab.

Creating a document from editor

Importing an Existing Document

To import an existing DOCX document:

From Wdesk Home, click Create and select Document.
Select Import from the File menu.
Select the desired DOCX file and click Open. The imported document will open in a new tab.

NOTE: If you import a Word ™ document from the Create menu in Wdesk Home, or import from the classic Wdesk editor, this will create a classic rather than a next generation Document from the imported file.