Document and Section Properties

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After creating or importing a document, you may want to change the document properties. In this menu, you can change various aspects of your document, including margin size, page layout, document type, and more.

Viewing Document Properties

To access the document properties window:

Select the File tab.
From the Properties icon, select Document Properties. Selecting document properties

The Document Properties window has three sections:

  • The General tab contains basic settings like the document’s name, type, and currency symbols.
  • The Page Format tab controls the page layout, margins, and default text style.
  • The Table tab contains the default text and formatting styles specifically for tables.

Viewing Section Properties

Section properties are also available from the Properties menu in the File tab.

The section properties panel

In this panel, you can set properties for an individual section. This allows you to create a section that doesn’t use the document-wide settings from Document Properties.