Understanding and Assigning Roles in Database

Roles allow you to control access to the different abilities in Wdesk.

NOTE: Your precise abilities may differ from those listed in the chart based on your permissions and your role.

Roles and Their Functions

Below you will find a table explaining the functions of each role in Wdesk Database. The Manager role will receive additional abilities in the future which will differentiate the Manager role from the Reviewer role.

image alt text

If you need additional or alternate roles to meet the needs of your company, you can contact your CSM about Feature Roles, which provide more granular control of Wdesk Database.

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Assigning a Role

If you have both User and Group Administration privileges, you will see the People link in the left hand navigation. On the People tab, double-click the entry in the Roles column next to the user you’d like to modify, then choose a role from the list. Once you’ve selected the desired role(s), press Enter on your keyboard to save your changes.

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