Using Input and Reference Cells

Input and Reference Cells

Now you may need to create input and reference cells. Reference cells, indicated in gray, allow the Creator to provide data that is unique to each template such as prior period data.

Input cells, indicated in blue, allow a Provider to enter text or numerical information. Creators can customize the content of reference cells for individual templates. Providers will only be able to view the contents of their own reference cells.

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To designate input or reference cells, highlight the cell(s) and select the appropriate option from the Data tab. The data in these cells are aggregated, and can be viewed in the Contributor Panel. You can also use this data in other documents by creating source links from Input or Reference cells.

EXAMPLE: A Creator is sending templates to Providers who are calculating sales at different commission rates. The Creator could put a different percentage in a reference cell for each template, thus communicating that information to the Providers individually. The Providers can then put data in their Input cells as appropriate without affecting the templates of other Providers.

Use of Data Validation

Data Validation guarantees that only data of a certain format or data within a certain range can be entered into any given cell or group of cells. This ensures data accuracy and consistency.

Create data validation rules by clicking the Validation icon, then Add Data Validation. The data validation interface will give you options for rules to create and values to be verified for selected cells.

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Set your chosen parameters and then choose Apply.

Edit and Remove Validations

After adding a validation, if you go back to the Data Validation button, the drop-down now shows Edit Data Validation and Remove Data Validation. Choosing Edit Data Validation allows you to change your cell definitions, or to add a second validation rule. Remove Data Validation clears all validation parameters from the selected cell(s).

When a cell with a rule is copied and pasted, the clipboard will contain a checkbox Apply Data Validation.