Updating a Template

There may be times when you need to update or delete a template.

Managing Templates

In the Data tab, click Edit Master and confirm your choice to reopen your collection for editing. Then click the Templates icon to open the Manage Templates dialog box. Select the template you wish to modify, and then choose the appropriate option from the gear icon to the right.

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Now you can update the Data Provider, Approver, Due Date or Title of the template. You can repeat this process to update as many templates as you wish. If you would like to change the due date on all templates, select all and click the Update Due Date icon.

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Edit and Redistribute a Master

After making changes to your master, you will need to redistribute your collection. You’ll be prompted if there’s any chance of data loss.

Once your master is open for editing, make your desired changes. While you edit the master, Providers can still enter data in their templates, but they won’t be able to submit their data until you Redistribute. Editing the master affects all templates in your Data Collection.

After editing, share your changes. Your draft will be shared and available for editing, but it won’t be distributed again unless you choose to Redistribute. You can also choose whether or not to notify your Data Providers. Only Providers impacted by the update will receive a notification.