Monitoring Progress

Using the Dashboard

The dashboard shows all active, completed, and archived collections in one place. Creators can see any collection they've created, while providers and approvers can see any collection they have been given permission to view. You can access the dashboard icon on the Data tab. The dashboard will open in a separate browser tab, displaying the titles of each of your templates and their status.

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  • A light gray data collection icon indicates a collection that has not yet been distributed.

  • A gray icon indicates that the collection has been distributed but data has not yet been submitted.

  • A yellow icon indicates that data submission is still in progress.

  • A green check mark indicates that all templates have been submitted.

The template will be locked after submission.

Once you archive a data collection, it will disappear from your dashboard. Click Archived in the upper right-hand corner to view archived collections.

Expanding a Collection

Use the arrow at the left of the title to expand each collection to show Providers, Approvers, due dates, and additional template status details.

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Approver Control

If an Approver was designated by the template Creator, the Approver will receive an email notification when the template has been submitted by the Data Provider, letting them know the template is ready for approval.

NOTE: Until a template is approved, data entered by the Data Provider will not flow into the Master, and links pertaining to this data will not be updated.

The Approver will only see information for their specified template. They can Approve the template and notify the Provider, or the Approver can choose to Send Back the template with comments or a message clarifying the updates needed. You can comment after clicking Approve.

Once the template has been approved, the Approve and Send Back buttons will fade in color, indicating that no further action is needed.