Customizing a Master

Now that you’ve created a Data Collection document, you can customize by adding text and formulas, adjusting font and colors, or adding sections to your document.

Formatting Your Master

The first thing you’ll want to do with your Master is add identifying text such as column and row headers. Next, you may want to modify the appearance of your Master. You can add visual styling using the options available in the Edit tab.

Adding Sections

You may want to use different layouts in your collection for gathering different types of information. In this case, you can add sections (a separate portion of a Master that is common to all templates) to your Master so that you have multiple structures in one template.

To add a section, click the Add Before or Add After button in the document outline and name the new section. You can then add content and edit the new section.

image alt text

Handling Attachments

You may want to attach documents for the recipients of your Data Collection to download. From the Project panel, select the Attachments tab and click Upload Attachment to add a file to the collection. You can also download or delete attachments from this panel.

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