Aggregating Data Collections

As your Providers' data aggregates, you can keep track of it in the Contributor's Panel.

Aggregation on the Master Template

Once the templates have been distributed, your data will automatically aggregate as the Providers submit data. When aggregated, text will not show at the master level like numbers do. Instead, the text can be viewed only on the specific template or in the Contributors panel.

Contributor’s Panel

To track the source of the numbers, click on the Contributors button on the Data tab.

This will open the Contributor’s panel on the right side of your screen. As you click on each aggregated number or text, you can see the templates and their corresponding input values in the panel.

You can sort the panel by Template Name and Value by clicking the arrow next to each one. The Names and Values will be reorganized in ascending or descending order. You can copy data from the contributor panel on a cell by cell basis to use those values as links in other Wdesk documents.

image alt text

Submitted Attachments

Providers may submit files with their template as needed or requested. These attachments will also aggregate on the Master and can be viewed from the Attachments tab of the Project panel. Each attachment will include information on who submitted it as well as which template it is associated with.