Adding a Template

Templates are copies of the master and inherit the master’s content and sections. To add a template in Data Collection, click on the Templates icon in the Data toolbar. If you have already distributed your document, click on Edit Master.

Managing a Template

In the Manage Templates dialog box, click Add Template and add a Title, Data Provider, Due Date, and an Approver if appropriate. Click Save Template to save your new template.

image alt text

Adding and Deleting Templates

You can repeat this process and add as many templates as you wish. A Data Provider will only be able to see the template(s) assigned to them. If you need to delete a template, hover your mouse over the template’s title and click the gear symbol on the right-hand side. Click Delete to permanently remove the template.

Adding Providers and Approvers

Click the Templates button on the Data tab to open the Manage Templates window. Hover over the template you wish to modify and click the cog that appears on the right to open that template for editing, where you can add or change providers or approvers.

Click the Save Template button to complete the template information.