Sending and Managing Requests

Sending Requests

After you create a request, you have the option to Send Later. Selecting send later adds requests to the To Send list on the PBC Dashboard. This allows you to group your requests for providers.

To locate requests where you previously selected Send Later, click PBC Requests to go to the PBC dashboard. Click the To Send filter to see unsent requests.

NOTE: If you have your dashboard filtered based on request type, you’ll see only unsent requests for the selected type.

Select the requests you’d like to send using the checkboxes next to the request, then click Send Requests. When you send requests, providers receive an email with links to requests assigned to them.

Send Requests

Monitoring Requests

After you send a request, you may want to check on its status. To monitor requests, click PBC Requests to view the PBC dashboard. This displays the status of your requests. You can filter requests by status:

  • To Send - Lists unsent requests.
  • Requested - Displays unfulfilled requests.
  • To Review - Shows requests that have been fulfilled that need to be reviewed.

Monitor Requests

Clicking the Completed filter on the left displays all completed requests, indicated with a strike-through. You can add additional filters by using the drop-down in the upper right.

Completed Requests

Sending Request Reminders

Providers with unfulfilled requests receive automated reminders on the due date and the day after the due date. Also, you can manually send reminders to a Provider.

To send a reminder, hover on the request, then open the right-hand arrow drop-down menu and select Remind. This sends a reminder to the Provider with a link to the request.

Request Reminders

Editing Requests

By default, both the Requester and the Provider can edit request details or modify contributors. Additionally, those who have owner or editor permissions can edit details.

To edit a request, hover on the request, then open the right-hand arrow drop-down menu and select Edit.

Edit Requests

You can update the request name, due date, instructions, and assignee. Once you’ve entered your updates, press enter or click the green check icon.

Editing a Requests