Charts Overview

Tables and charts are separate features in most spreadsheet applications, but are bundled together in Wdesk. A chart created in Wdesk is actually a table of data with a chart view. When the values in the table are updated, the chart graphics automatically update.

Inserting Charts

Watch the video above to see a demonstration of how to insert charts in Wdesk.

Charts can be inserted in both documents and presentations. Chart graphics export at 300 DPI, providing documents with print quality images.

On the Edit tab, click the Insert button, then select Chart. Choose the type of chart you would like. You can change the type easily later.

image alt text

Editing Chart Data

To view the data set in the chart table, click the Data tab.

image alt text

The table containing the data set appears. From here, you can modify the data, insert your own data, or format, e.g. currency or decimal points. To distinguish chart data from other types of tables and workbooks, there is a column watermark in the background. The order of data in the Data tab will determine the order that data will appear in your chart. For bar charts, the first row of data will appear as the left-most column while the last row will appear as the right-most.

When you are working with the data tab, you can choose the Table Options icon in the upper left hand corner and then Enter Table Focus Mode. Table Focus Mode is highly useful if extensive data changes are required. To return to the document, click the table options icon again and choose Exit Table Focus Mode.

Deleting a Chart

If you have inserted a chart and need to remove it, click and drag over the chart and then use Delete on your keyboard. You'll get a warning that the selection you are about to delete contains one or more charts and you'll need to confirm. This is to prevent inadvertently deleting charts. Simply clicking to select the chart and trying to delete will not be successful.