Basic Chart Formatting

Some text and other visual aspects of charts can be formatted directly by highlighting the selection and applying the changes from the Edit tab in the Wdesk toolbar. Color changes, font size and typeface, as well as style options such as bold or italics can be applied to axis titles, individual series data points, chart titles, and individual legend titles through this method.

Changing Chart Types

The Charts panel is located on the right hand side of Wdesk. The tabs and options in the Charts panel will change based on what type of chart is selected. On the Main tab of the Charts panel, there is a drop-down box that will let you change the type of chart. Click on the chart you wish to change, then click the arrow in the drop-down box to choose a new chart type.

image alt text

Editing Chart Titles

Below Type, you can change the Title of the chart. The title text will change in real time as you change the text in the Title box.

You can uncheck the Show Title box to eliminate a title, and change the color of the title text by clicking in the color box and selecting a color from the color selector by choosing a standard color from the tiles in the palette.

image alt text

To create a custom color, choose one of the tiles below Custom Colors to access the color wheel. Colors are remembered per user per account, so you will be able to utilize your chosen colors again for consistent design.

If you open the color wheel by clicking on the Custom Color link without choosing a tile, you will automatically replace the last custom color created. Choose a blank tile for a new color or choose a colored tile to apply an existing color. You can also clear a color tile by right-clicking and choosing Clear Color.

Once the color wheel has opened, you can use the slider to increase or decrease the shade, and the color locator in the wheel to shift hues.

image alt text

Your new and current colors are displayed to the right. You can also type a hex number into the field in the upper right to get an exact custom color.

Once you've created a custom color, the color will be available to you in the color selector during your current session. Choose OK to apply your custom color.

Chart Size and Border

You can modify the size of the chart using the Chart Width and Chart Height boxes, by either using the arrow buttons to increase/decrease the number, or by highlighting the value in the box and typing in a value.

image alt text

If you would like your chart to have a border, check the Chart Border box, and then choose the weight of the line of the border up to 5 pixels.

Legend Options

On the Legend tab, you can choose whether or not to display a legend for your chart and whether to have the legend displayed to the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right of your chart.

You can also choose whether or not to have a border around your chart's legend, as well as the border’s color and weight.