Value Formatting for Chart Labels

Formatting Data Labels

The value formatting in the data table for a chart directly affects the formatting of data labels in the chart. You can select and format all of the values in the data table at the same time, or you can select and format specific cells.

Use the value formatting drop-down in the Edit toolbar to apply format options. This will change the formatting for all of the cells selected in the data table and for the associated data labels in the chart.

Value Formatting

Formatting Measure Axis Labels

The formatting of the axis labels indicating data measurements is controlled by the formatting of the very first value cell in the table. Changing the value formatting of the first cell in the first series changes all of the associated axis labels.

Axis Labels

To format measure axis labels:

  1. Select a chart.
  2. Go to Chart Properties.
  3. Choose the Formats tab.
  4. Select the axis labels in the chart .
  5. Toggle the Override Inherited Format option.

This gives you control over how your measure axis labels are formatted, regardless of what value format is applied to the chart data table values.


You can set a number of options for the value formatting for the measurement axis labels such as a custom prefix or suffix, leading zeros, thousands separators, and more.

Prefix Options

Formatting Category Axis Labels

To change how your category axis labels are formatted, update how they are formatted in the chart’s backing table. Select the category labels in the data table and use the options in the Format tab of the Chart Properties panel.

Category Axis Labels